A little bit about what is invisible to the eye

Minimalistyczny stolik ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
Minimalistyczna komoda rtv ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
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Podstawka pod telefon ze sklejki
Minimalistyczna komoda ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki

A little bit about what is invisible to the eye

An underestimated element of every piece of furniture.

When choosing a piece of furniture, we usually focus on design, functionality and material, and rarely consider the hinges or drawer runners used in it. But these elements ensure comfort of long-lasting use. We all know how annoying fronts can be when they don’t close, or worse, when they close with a loud crack. Or how difficult it is to slide out a loaded drawer on poor runners.

It does not matter if we are buying Japanese furniture or Scandinavian furniture, or whether it is wooden, plywood or laminated. They all share one common denominator in the form of furniture fittings. In today’s post, we will tell you all about our fittings.

Who did we pick?

Currently, there is enormous competition in every sector, and the same goes for the industry of furniture fittings. Because our furniture, apart from purely visual pleasure, is also supposed to give you joy from everyday use, the choice of the manufacturer was neither easy nor obvious, as there are several companies which are definitely worth pondering upon. Our guidelines were simple, the fittings must be durable, easy to install, allow for adjustment in many planes and be produced in many variants. The choice fell on BLUM, which ticks all the boxes.

Our most chosen fittings.

Where there are fronts, there are hinges, and where there are drawers, there are runners. Let’s start with the hinges: at first glance it’s actually relatively simple… we buy a hinge and mount it to the front, but only seemingly. Many of our pieces have three fronts or, and individual projects often have five or more side by side. In that case, we have to go with the many solutions that BLUM has to offer. Often one piece of furniture is fit with several types of hinges: recessed, overlay and twin depending on the number and location of the fronts. This means that we can build every piece with a quality that will satisfy both ourselves and the customer.

Furniture made in Japandi or Scandinavian style combines minimalism and economical detail, therefore the eyes will focus on the form where it is easy to discover flaws or uneven gaps between the fronts. Proper selection of hinges will provide a multi-level adjustment so you can easily set all fronts for that perfect alignment.

But let’s not forget about a quiet house in which we can avoid slamming doors and unpleasant noise. Japanese style furniture is supposed to bring peace and harmony, so it’s hard to imagine a slamming door in a chest of drawers.

It is also worth mentioning the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Our customers can feel safe with the lifetime warranty offered by our supplier.

Now we come to the drawers and what they hide underneath. And that’s quite literally, because the runners are actually invisible. We can say with a clear conscience that the TANDEM concealed runner system is a truly universal solution that offers many possibilities. You can choose different lengths, load classes as well as optimal motion technologies for soft and silent opening and closing.

Depending on design, we use different lengths of runners and different opening and closing systems. There is a soft close system and the so-called TIP-ON, or if you prefer, push to open. Drawers equipped with a self-closing mechanism with shock absorption (soft closing) will not slam, but will slow down just before the end of the movement and close quietly and gently. The TIP-ON mechanism allows us to completely resign from furniture handles; this is especially important in projects where drawers are located under the opening fronts, like in our chest of drawers OTOTO.02.

Just like with hinges, the possibility of post-assembly adjustment is crucial for us. In this case, it is simple and intuitive, so that our customers can adjust the drawers and fronts on their own, if necessary.

I hope that after reading, you will be convinced about the quality of our furniture. Thanks to our solutions, you can rest assured that your purchase will give you joy for many years.