OTOTO minimalist plywood furniture

Minimalistyczny stolik lub stołek ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
Minimalistyczny prostokątny stolik ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki

OTOTO Furniture is designed to fulfil our philosophy of minimalism. With a simple form, it will bring peace and harmony into your interior. The simplicity, functionality, rawness and minimalist detail of OTOTO Furniture show plywood in a new light and make it known as an unusual and natural material.

The beauty of plywood can really be seen only through its imperfections and uniqueness. Every board has similar features, but remains different from the other, and each piece of furniture is unique despite maintaining the same form.

Both the creative process and the subsequent implementation phase are characterised by profound aesthetics and quality. Each piece of furniture is crafted by hand with exceptional accuracy and attention to detail. The production process involves careful selection of plywood and superior quality fittings.

Przemo and Łukasz – privately brothers – are the founders and originators of the OTOTO brand, which was created through the love to wood passed on by father and grandfather, who have always been carpenters.

The OTOTO collection was designed by architects from r-m studio, whose minimalist approach and search for simple solutions translates into the pure form of furniture.