Plywood is quality!

Minimalistyczna szafka nocna ze sklejki brzozowej, meble w stylu japońskim, meble ze sklejki, meble w stylu japandi, mable w stylu minimalistycznym
Minimalistyczna komoda rtv ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
Minimalistyczny stolik ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
Minimalistyczna szafka nocna ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
Minimalistyczna komoda rtv ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
Minimalistyczna półka ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
Minimalistyczny stolik ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki

Plywood is quality!

A material that is better than you think.

When it comes to raw materials for the production of furniture, most would not put plywood in the lead. Huge mistake! Plywood outperforms other wood-based materials and can be an excellent replacement for solid wood. How is that possible? Keep on reading to find out.

We debunk myths.

To this day, plywood is associated by many with poor materials and even worse furniture. Where is this conviction coming from? Most often, we can have experience with low-class plywood used in old furniture from the communist era, where not only the raw material, but also the outdated production technology, did leave a few things to be desire. This was, of course, the result of economic aspects. Worse quality plywood is cheaper, but can also have a significant number of defects. In this case, the price equals the quality! At OTOTO, we only use class I/II birch plywood. What does that mean? The materials we use are free from cracks, damage, inserts or discoloration. All the above-mentioned defects can be easily seen in class III or IV materials. When you choose our furniture, you can be sure that you will be taking home the highest quality product!

Plywood and wood-based materials

There’s no question, if you are considering buying furniture, our products will be an excellent choice. Why? When it comes to the ranking of wood-based materials, plywood definitely far outstrips the competition. Primarily in terms of resistance and physical properties. Plywood is a building material that is extremely resistant to compression, stretching or shearing in the plane of the slab. On top of that, plywood is extremely plastic. It can be bent and shaped much easier than, for example fibreboards, OSB or MDF. It is also lighter, which is not without significance, especially for fans of redecorating! What’s more, the raw material we use is characterised by quite high impact strength. What does that mean? Nothing else than crack resistance under heavy loads, which is crucial if you are looking for furniture that will last for years.

An excellent alternative to solid wood!

Yes, it’s true. Plywood can successfully replace wood for a couple of reasons. The ecological aspect makes the biggest difference. There is a very effective production process involved – the same amount of wood will produce more plywood than solid wood, and the former will consume much less energy. It is worthwhile adding that modern production plants are able to cover virtually 100% of this energy demand from waste incineration alone. The process can be self-contained.

Another question is the effect of water on both materials. It is common knowledge that moisture does not serve wood products. What does it look like with plywood? Plywood is very resistant to swelling – when wet, it returns to its original shape after drying and does not lose its strength. Solid wood, on the other hand, cannot boast such a good water tolerance. The deformations are practically irreversible.

We have already written about how light plywood can be compared to various types of boards. The same rule applies here. This building material has one of the highest strength-to-quality ratios. And weight is important, especially in any form of transport. The heavier the piece of furniture, the easier it is to damage.

Our material is better than wood especially when it comes to tolerances for any modifications. Plywood perfectly withstands staining, painting and varnishing, exposing the full grain. You can find out about the possible modifications in the Customisation tab.

Our plywood furniture will surely stand the test of time and more. Our priority is quality. Introduce plywood to your interior and find out for yourself!