Designs that inspire us

Minimalistyczny stolik ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
Minimalistyczny stolik ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
komoda z trzema frontami ze sklejki, meble minimalistyczne, meble w stylu japoński, meble ze sklejki brzozowej, meble w stylu japandi
Minimalistyczna komoda rtv ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki
Minimalistyczny stolik ze sklejki brzozowej, styl japoński, meble ze sklejki

Designs that inspire us

Japandi and minimalism.

With such a multitude of furniture designs, it is practically impossible to list all of them. That said, undoubtedly this topic will be of interest to people who are planning to decorate their flat or house. Each style will suit a different interior and will resonate with other people. Carefully selected furniture affects the atmosphere and the final aesthetics of your interior. In our today’s article you’ll find out about the styles that inspired us to create the first OTOTO furniture collection.

Many people immediately notice the leading style in our products, which is minimalism, but the more experienced observers also take note of our inspiration with Japandi style. It sounds mysterious, but we’ll explain everything in a moment.

What does ‘Japandi furniture’ mean?

You have probably seen or heard about Scandinavian and Japanese furniture many times. In simplest terms, Japandi is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian. Although at the first sight, these are two very distant corners of our globe, they are united by functionality, simplicity of forms, sparing design and subtle colours.

What characterizes Japandi furniture?

Japandi is inspired by Japanese interiors, which are known for harmony, economy of decorations, symmetry and peace. It is a complete composition that combines simplicity and love for natural materials such as wood, which is the ‘trademark’ of scandi style, as well as modesty, simple forms and geometric lines known from minimalism. Japandi is all about comfort, cosiness, thoughtful organisation and minimalism, which are fundamental. We also cannot forget about moderate shapes, structures and colours. Japandi loves light wood with a natural colour. Although modest and poorly decorated, this style produces an amazing effect.

Who will like Japandi?

Our furniture feels great in the company of artistic elements such as paintings, clay accessories, decorative ceramics or eye-catching bonsai straight from the country of cherry blossom. Of course, everything must be done in moderation and with taste… remember that Japandi is also about minimalism.

The OTOTO collection will appeal especially to lovers of modern and cosy interiors, who will appreciate the warmth of natural birch plywood and a strong bond with nature, but also those who are keen on timeless designer arrangements and high comfort of use. Japandi furniture will be perfect for small flats as well as spacious houses or apartments.

Discover our collection and make your home a true oasis of calm.